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Hi there, everybody!! how´s doin?

Here´s one more sample of the song "Livin´ on a Desire" taken from the next album that´s to be released soon!

Check that out!


Hi everybody,

Here´s the track-list of the upcoming album ´Crazy System´

There´ll be 10 songs available:

01 - Silent Harm Over Time
02 - Sick Side
03 - I´m Still Alive
04 - Baby Tonight
05 - A Song for our Dreams
06 - (You Make My) Heart Screaming
07 - This is our war
08 - Livin´ on Desire
09 - Believe in Me
10 - Suffocation

Soon it´s coming the date for the releasing along a new music video!

Keep tuned! :)




Hey there!
Here comes the news!
Our next album will be entitled 'Crazy System'
The dates will be posted soon!

Keep tuned for more!


Hey there,

Well, after a hard long year of our new trajectory in Europe, we finally began recording our new album.
We re currently in Warsaw/Poland hard working on the recording.

It s really rewarding for us to see everything going well after hard times we ve got over here.

We re really thankfull for everyone what in anyway always supported us.

No words!!!

Following you can check a little bit of our new single I'm Still Alive On the next dayz we'll be posting new stuff about the album!

Be Tuned!



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